There’s a new kid on the block, and it’s near Paarl  at Olijvenskraal.

On this magnificent estate they have thousands of olive trees, Peacocks strutting around, and a great new restaurant called Fyre, which specializes in indigenous South African cooking. I mean meat, fire, and smoke, get it?  Delicious.

Shiraz on the vine

Just in case they haven’t got enough on their plate, they are also making wine –a Shiraz from the harvest of 2022, with typical Shiraz notes, some spice and plenty of fresh young fruit.  The tannins are extremely well controlled, and the acids support the fruit delightfully. OK– it’s very young and cheeky, but I don’t mind that in a wine. It can be and is, in this case, totally delicious, albeit that the wine will definitely enhance itself by lying down for a year or two, but I frankly don’t have the time.  I am interested in today, and you should be too when it comes to this one.


So, meander to the farm, taste the wine, buy a bottle or two, sit down at the restaurant, enjoy one of them and take one home. If you’re not going to be in the area, buy it in cases of 6 and have it sent to your address. It sells at 240 rands a bottle– delicious

CONTACT SHANEL 021 770 0088