Diemersdal vineyards

I am talking about wine of course, silly. Arrived last week a new vintage of one of the country’s best—and favourite Sauvignon Blancs—Diemersdal  2021. I thought there had been a misprint on the label but no this was the real deal. Five weeks from bush to bottle!! Oy –as we say in Sea Point. But can it be any good? Well what can one expect from Diemersdal?—it is fabulous—fresh, vibrant , alive with fresh fruit and at only R75 a bottle—a gap as we say in—-well, you get the drift don’t you?



According to Thys Louw, Diemersdal’s owner-winemaker, the early release is driven by the market. “We are in a fortunate position to, despite the crisis caused by Covid and the lockdown on wine sales, have customers clamouring for our Sauvignon Blanc from the new vintage,” he says. “This, as well as the quality of this year’s grapes being conducive to a quick ferment and a short stay to settle in tank, has allowed us to come out with the Cape’s first Sauvignon Blanc of the 2021 vintage.”

Jeandré Bruwer, Thys’s wing-man in the Diemersdal cellar, says the 2021 vintage will go down as one of the cooler and most temperate seasons in recent history. “We had a magnificent growing season due to the cool, mild conditions during the spring and early summer of 2020. And once harvest got under way in late January temperatures remained mild, hence this year’s harvest being two weeks later than the average.”

“As a Sauvignon Blanc producer harvest-time puts you in a vice where you are pushed from both sides,” says Thys. “On the one hand the grapes need picking, crushing and vinifying. On the other hand, our customers are crying out for 2021 Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa’s most popular white wine varietal. This is an extremely satisfying situation for a wine maker to be in, as at the end of the day it is the demand for your product that drives you to do what you do.”