Morgenster Manor House


With the passing of the legendary Giulio Bertrand, one had to wonder what was the future for his equally legendary estate Morgenster  in Somerset West. Over the past two years, behind closed cellar doors and in the historic Manor House, the Morgenster team, under the guidance of Mother and daughter, Federica and Vittoria Bertrand, have been hard at work. They have been planning every detail of their re-launch in a move that continues to honour the timeless traditions and unwavering quality for which the estate is so renowned.

Federica and Vittoria Bertrand


Patrons of the brand will see the symbolic star ‘Morgen ‘ster’ in the new logo design, showcasing the Morgenster ‘M’ and the famous ‘Morning Star’ in a design shift into modernity for this iconic estate.

Flashy new labels very modern

When asked on the intention behind the change, Federica Bertrand has this to say:


“Our focus was to revisit our origin, allowing us to get to the true essence of our brand image and story. The new design is minimalistic and modern, allowing the exceptional quality of the wines to speak for themselves.” (sic)


Ready for wine lovers


There is also a new tribute range of The Italian Collection wines planned for founder Giulio Bertrand and in true Italian style it is created with the intention of celebration. A way of honouring the immense legacy and pioneering vision of Morgenster’s founder, this range has new life breathed into it and is the ultimate passion project for the entire team.