Rosemarie Saunders is a name not unknown in catering circles, both here and in France. In a chequered career which included Woolworths and The Mount Nelson she also found time to have a farm restaurant in the Cape. Cooking tours to France led to a love for that country before she and her husband settled in a’ tiny’ apartment in Monaco from which she—you guessed it—ran a catering business until it caught fire one night. Undaunted, she carried on regardless and now lives between Cotignac in France and her apartment in Cape Town.

Rosemarie and editor Lisa Templeton at the launch


The book she has launched is not quite a cookbook though it is loaded with many recipes garnered over the years, most of which are easy peasy to make. The book is what I would call a memoir —with recipes—a gentle look at her life, where she has been and what she has done. The story of six burly Monegasque firemen trying to get into her tiny apartment to put out the blaze is a hoot. The recipes range from Thai favourites through many French and Italian staples and even include one for Baklava. They are great for dipping into when you are wondering what to conjure up to tempt listless appetites—not one of my failings!