Spectacular views

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In a year of wine estate centenaries –Alto, Boplaas, and Middelvlei—all bound together by strong family ties, the story of Middelvlei was probably the most bucolic. A visit there today reveals a gorgeous view of the distant mountains, cows grazing contentedly in the meadows, colourful cheeky chickens wandering around clucking for Attention, and the air is redolent with fabulous aromas. Very family friendly with plenty of places for the little ones to tire themselves—especially with the animals—the ambience is total relaxation—and so close to the city one might be on another planet.

The Momberg family


The Momberg family have been here making wine since 1919. The current third generation team of Tinnie and Ben, brothers who took over running the farm from their father Stiljan in 1995, quietly nurture the inheritance which is theirs with close attention to detail with an eye always on that famous ball called Tradition. Their wines are delicious and well-priced with their Shiraz winning the much sought after General Smuts Trophy in 1997. Since then accolades have poured in especially for their reds. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a prime example of the best that can come from this ward, intense, full of fruit supported by oak, and the Merlot Pinotage blend, which they were among the first to make, continues to be a favoutite for all red wine lovers. Nevertheless a delicious unoaked Chardonnay now has its place in the range.

The legendary Boerebraai feast here is a daily occurrence and attracts horde of fans. The Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes are particularly popular so booking is absolutely essential. I visited in the week and it was a perfect example of the best braai one is likely to have anywhere with pot brood with all the trimmings—totally irresistible. Not much beats the moment you sit down outside, release your belt—just a little—and breathe a sigh of pure contentment. Middelvlei will help you do that in spades.

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