Painstaking work


One forgets how beautiful Hermanus is. The cliffs are spectacular and a walk along them looking over Walker Bay to the other side is thrilling. Very few places in the world can offer such a spectacular setting. Add to this the whales –when they are there –and one has a superb destination.

Hermanus symbol


Not to be missed is The Village Square, an arcade, under cover, very nice in the winter for shelter, and packed with interesting shops selling gorgeous handmade objets.  I came across Toinette Meyer who has a place called Mirrors and Mosaic where she makes the most exquisite mirrors , ranging from small to large.

Toinette Meyer


While they are not to every one’s taste, there is no doubting the craftmanship that goes into making them. All the pieces of mirror and the tiles used to frame them, are set by hand, a painstaking task indeed. I thought they were gorgeous, and well worth looking at.

A work of art

While there, look at the shop selling magnificent duvet covers, all of which frankly are crying out to be worn let alone lie on a bed.

Gorgeous duvet cover

Upstairs is the artist studio of Sean and Adelle, with meticulous work, some in the Japanese style, very precise and beautiful. All in all, a most satisfying way to spend an hour or two, and maybe some Rands—–have fun.


Delicate Japanese style