If you are a carnivore you will know that stage you get to where you just HAVE  to  have meat!       . There are superb things to make and to eat not using meat, either using vegetables or fish, cheese, dairy products and so on, but when the chips are down, excuse the expression, one wants meat. One of the best places to get it in the Western Cape is The Boer and Butcher, purveyors of the finest meats and meat products, a name much trusted here behind the boerewors curtain.  We recently went to the one in Haasendal and what an experience it was.

A huge selection of perfect meat

Choose your cut–how much and what

You can either order straight from the menu as in any steakhouse or you can amble over to the counter, choose the cut you want and have it cooked.. The meat is then weighed and prepared the way you want it for R80, which includes 2 sides of your choice.

21 day aged rib eye

This way of ordering results in deliciously irresistible meat done to perfection. The onion rings are the best I have ever eaten, done in Panko crumbs, and the chips are great. We had pork ribs, meaty and succulent, 21 day aged rib eye, medium rare –which it was—and lamb chops, gorgeously pink in the middle. The burgers looked incredible, but one can only do so much in one meal.

Superb pork ribs

Succulent lamb chops

We could not resist the dessert which they make with a waffle smothered in chocolate and ice cream and topped with caramel popcorn, enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. We spent three hours there which tells its own story—take friends and unwind.

Caramel popcorn waffle


Essential to book on the weekends– so get there and see for yourself.