Have I got a dessert for you? So simple I almost feel ashamed to post it, but so delicious to eat, and looks so good— perfect for these hot summer days. The only thing is that we are at the mercy of Escom, and these jellies have to set in the fridge, so work your way around this small challenge. Basically, it is three layers of different flavoured jellies, which are dissolved in the traditional way with hot water and then topped up with cream instead of water. The addition of some fruit into the two bottom layers is delicious but do bear in mind that the liquid of the fruit adds to the liquid of the Jelly and can make setting a problem unless they are quite dry. We have made it a couple of times and it’s totally delicious. You can make them in smaller ramekins or in a bigger bowl, whichever suits your table. We prefer the smaller bowls because they are easier to refrigerate. And do use see through bowls otherwise what’s the point?



3 different flavoured commercial jellies

500 mls pouring cream

Some fruit like seedless grapes halved, maraschino cherries or citrus whirls if you can get them in your area



  1. Make the first Jelly using the instructions on the packet and then add the fruit you would like to use, maybe glacé cherries? Don’t go overboard.

2, Mix gently and place in your receptacles

  1. Allow to set -approximately 2 hours. Make sure you cover with clingfilm to avoid a tough skin on top

4 Prepare the second layer exactly the same way but instead of cold water as the packet stipulates stir in the same amount of pouring cream.


    1. When cool pour gently on top of bottom layer and place any kind of small fruit into this layer
    2. Place back in fridge to set.
    3. Prepare the third layer exactly the same way but top up with normal cold water which leaves a nice clear top.
    4. Allow to sit in fridge even overnight no problem. enjoy. Serve with shortbread
    5. Greg’s Table