Jan’s little place in Nice

You have to take your hat off to somebody like Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen. Successful beyond all the telling of it, multi-talented, with a career in Europe and in South Africa, much looked up to by his peers, and let us not talk about the Michelin star –the first and only one by a South African so far.

In person

Now, in addition to all that, he is taking two young South African aspiring restauranteurs to intern at his famous eaterie Jan in Nice for three months each. There they will gain invaluable experience which, if they use it correctly, will see them well launched on their chosen career. Flights and expenses will be paid for them by the restaurant. All they have to do is take advantage of this incredible opportunity. There’s a word for somebody like Jan Hendrik in Jewish and that word is mensch. I salute him.

Daniel de Bruin

The first intern, Daniel de Bruin, will be going in December and he will be followed in March by Marc Trollip. They are both students at Cape Town’s IIE School of Hospitality. I’m quite sure they will have many stories to tell in future of their time spent on the Cote’d Azure.

Marc Trollip