Fresh lemons in a wax bowl from Ricky Treurnicht

It is said this is the dish that made Julia Childs fall in love with French cooking. There is no doubt that it is the quintessential French fish dish, deceptively simple, delicious to eat with no overcrowding the palate with a myriad of flavours. Fish, lemon, and butter carry one on sublime wings of flavour. The Meuniere comes from the French word for “ Miller’s wife” because of the dredging in flour part of the recipe. We get our Canadian soles from Caughtonline—they deliver to your door and the product is superb—and no—they are not paying for this post—we are. And delicious it was too.

There are no rules—try it for flavouring and err on the side of less –you can always add more—lemon, butter or whatever.Serve with a nice cold Chardonnay or Chenin.






3 or 4 good size soles—one per person


250 gms unsalted butter



120mls fresh lemon juice—none of the store bought stuff. Save the rest for margaritas.



  1. Pat soles dry
  2. Salt and pepper the flour but no too liberally.
  3. Dredge soles in flour pressing down slightly. Shake off excess.
  4. Heat 100gms butter in large pan on medium. Do not brown.
  5. Place 2 or more soles if your pan is big enough in the butter and leave for about 3 minutes.
  6. Turn over gently and do other side the same way.
  7. Remove from pan and keep warm.
  8. Pour ½ cup lemon juice or less into the hot pan with more butter and swirl to collect the remnants.
  9. Taste sauce and pour over the soles.
  10. Serve with mash and fresh veg like baby cabbage—wonderful.