Historic Diemersdal

       Thys Louw at home in the cellar

There’s not much the Louws at Durbanville’s Diemersdal cannot do. Everything they turn their hand to is top notch. Known for the superb Sauvignon Blancs as well as some knockout reds, this sixth generation family is firmly rooted in the soil on which they live. Currently in the hands of winemaker Thys Louw, this is just the place to unwind when things get back to –well what shall I say—the new normal. In the interim, when you can, get some of their superb new range called The Journal.These wines are all made from site specific low yield dryland vineyards carefully selected to make the best the farm has to offer. The name signifies the history behind Diemersdal. As Thys says “The Journal ensures that the legacy of Diemersdal is captured and recorded as momenta—reminders of generations past and a reference for generations to come. “ Most winemakers have something of the poet in their make up as you can see. The wines are a brilliant Cabernet Sauvignon, drenched in character, a fabulous inky colour with aromas that grip you as you open the bottle. The flavours in the mouth are deep, dark and mysterious, just superb, About R320. Then there is the Sauvignon Blanc—yes another! This one is complex and fascinating, aged for 11 months in French oak, irresistible, a worthy addition to this famous family of Sauvignon Blancs.R225. The Pinotage is dense and sensual, packed with rich dark red fruit—heaven at R320.

The Journal Cabernet Sauvignon

The Journal Sauvignon Blanc