Can you resist this?

I came across this great recipe in Rosemarie Saunders’ new cook book “A Sprig of Rosemarie” (will review later.) Her recipe was for chicken only but I thought it would be great combined with my Greek lemon and potatoes recipe that so many of you loved. So I did—and it was beyond all the telling of it—packed with flavour, very moreish. :Piquant with just the right balance between rich and tangy..

Starting out stove top


The great thing is you put all the ingredients into a deep casserole dish raw and bake for about an hour and a half at 180 degrees and voila –! Gives you time to have at least 3 G and Ts. I started it off on the top of the stove to release the alcohol in the wine and then placed it into the oven uncovered. Give it a small shake every now and then. The smells throughout the house are just fabulous.

Plated heaven


200 gms chopped onions

Garlic– plenty crushed

8/10 free range chicken thighs skin on or mix legs and thighs

375ml white wine– used Chenin

125ml chicken stock

100ml olive oil

Zest and juice 2 lemons –only used 1 large—enough for my taste

100 gms black olives and 100 gms green olives –only used black smoked with seeds

20 fresh sage leaves –used origanum dried

50 gm capers –didn’t use

Salt pepper

3 potatoes skin on in thick wedges


Enjoy with the rest of the Chenin-try the box from Robertson—a bargain in a box.