Luke Dale Roberts


OK—it’s not Greg’s Kitchen—it’s Luke Dale Roberts’ Kitchen, and the only thing I have ever cooked as well as he does is the perfect poached egg. PLEASE  INDULGE ME.

The word legend is often misused, and overused. I am guilty myself of this, but when it comes to the real thing I can name them on the one hand, especially when it comes to the business of cooking.


Pap en vleis?

When I first met Luke Dale Roberts years ago, he was about to open The Test Kitchen. We were having lunch in Constantia, and I asked him how he was feeling about this great leap into the unknown. His answer was “ I am terrified,” which was just the right thing to say, because that is the sort of energy and focus someone like him needs to accomplish all the things he has done. Through some of the most difficult times of, let us call it the hospitality industry,  in decades, he’s still here, he is still operating and he is still holding down the fort —a true legend. The fact that he still operates must-go-to places in Johannesburg and Cape Town says everything about the man himself

Luke’s cottage pie

Now he has published his long-awaited cookbook –packed with the most wonderful recipes and pictures from his brilliant, talented mind. Do not expect pretty, easy, rapid cooks . Oh no– this is a book to cherish if you’ve been lucky enough to eat at any of his restaurants and have always wanted to try your hand at some of the dishes placed before you.

La Tropica

Wonderful recipes with step by step ways to make them will endlessly fascinate the avid cooks we all know.  The 520 page hardcover book is available at R1500 at the best book shops, which I agree is not nothing but it will make the most superb gift  for the chef in your life. This book will be handed down for generations to come. Search it out and get it —soon to become a legend itself. You will love it