De Wet Viljoen

Neethlingshof iconic entrance











The Neethlingshof Estate in Stellenbosch dates back to 1692 and wine has been made there for hundreds of years. Its iconic row of trees leading up the avenue to the Manor House and the wine cellars has enthralled visitors for many years. The wines from there are all estate wines meaning the grapes are all from their own farm—nothing brought in. Cellarmaster De Wet Viljoen has been there since 2003 and knows plenty about the terroir and the grapes—part of his blood by now. The way he looks out over the vineyards you know he is not seeing them for the first time—oh no!


Two new superb top end wines have been added to the formidable slate her both named after the old cellar which has a date of 1802 on its gable.  They are magnificent examples of the winemaker’s art, a Pinotage –very much one of ours and a rich well balanced Cabernet. The grapes come from areas on the farm that have been carefully nurtured to give only the best the earth can produce. To this gorgeous fruit has been added a gentle winemaking regime involving 18 months in oak for the Cabernet and 26 months for the Pinotage.  The result is wines that show only the best the Stellenbosch area can deliver. De Wet says the wines will evolve “with grace and intensity over the next 20 to 25 years.” I frankly don’t have that time and say that today—for my money they are more than ready to be drunk. Cool down to about 17 degrees and try the Pinotage with roast pork and the Cabernet with red meat dishes like ox tail stew—perfect as we go into winter. They are priced at R550 at the cellar.

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