Last Week I went to Mynhardt’s Kitchen in Paarl, a legendary place which had slipped under my radar for many years and what a delight it was.

The kitchen is actually in Mynhardt Joubert’s house—in the roof to be exact and the casual ambience is one of making yourself at home. In fact this is how home could be if you had someone like him to work his down home cooking magic at your command. The aromas of the dishes permeate everything and if you can’t work up an appetite here, better check your pulse. Relying on local traditional cooking without getting precious about the whole thing is the key to his success.

One starts with delicious Cruxland gin cocktails or bubbly or both if you have a dedicated driver and then each course is accompanied by a matching wine from Laborie. The way it works is you make up a party of at least 10 or more if you like and choose the menu with Mynhardt, special dietary requirements taken into account.

Charcuterie starter

The day we were there we started with the most delicious homemade sultana Christmas breads with rolled slices of charcuterie and ginger butter, just enough to whet the appetite. This was followed by beef tongue with pickled salad and capers to give it some punch–delicious.

This was followed by beef tongue with pickled salad and capers to give it some punch, delicious.  Then followed fennel, parsley and basil roasted chicken with asparagus fresh from the garden, a marvellous melange of flavours and textures, more than finger licking good.

Shredded gammon

As if that wasn’t enough we were presented with a deep fried ball of shredded gammon nicely off set by pumpkin puree and roast potatoes. To end there was the most superbly creamy ice cream with Christmas fruit mix folded through.  The meal takes a good few hours and the portions are just enough to keep it all going at a deliciously leisurely pace. To end there are coffees and brandies.

Delicious dessert

Mynhardt and his team

So if you are wondering what to do to celebrate being released this season , why not get a party together and get thee to Paarl. The price of R690 per person includes all the drinks and they are of the best. Go ahead –live a little—who knows what tomorrow will bring.


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