What a position !

Debbie in the vineyards

The Devon Valley outside Stellenbosch is one of those secret areas that a lot of people like to keep to themselves. The views are spectacular and there are some great places to be found there. One of them is Le Grand Domaine an estate making some superb wines under the experienced hands of Debbie Thompson, who was at Simonsig for many a year. What she has forgotten about wine some people still have to learn. They have there now a superb Provence style Rose which has never heard of the word “blush”. Far from shy and retiring this has body and class , great with smoked salmon, maybe a little roast pork or strawberries when you can get them. The setting is perfect and a visit there will –when you look around the view– definitely invite you to say to yourself “Life ain’t so bad after all.”




Other wines that are worthy of your attention are a delicious Sauvignon Blanc, intense and complex and a superb red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, packed with dark red berry flavours—perfect for  a Cape winter. So get there and do a tasting—just phone ahead to make sure someone will be there to guide you through a great experience.


PHONE 066 398 6122