This is a wine that will keep much longer, but will most likely be enjoyed during 2023.

While it is the Malbec (12%) and Petit Verdot (3%) in the blend that contributes to the intensity of the wine’s colour, there is of course more to this popular red than its alluring shade in the glass. The classic blend consists predominantly of Merlot (50%) and Cabernet Franc (35%) offering aromatic dark berries and plum with nuances of fruit cake and a subtle toffee sweetness. There’s even a grape or two there.Complex with barrel-derived spice and charred oak flavours, the wine is beautifully integrated and medium-bodied with mellow tannins and a lingering berry aftertaste.



La Motte courtyard

The 2020 La Motte Millennium will be a popular partner to red meat, and is a delicious choice with mild curries and hard cheese —–perfect with  the earthiness of mushrooms and beetroot. Look out for Greg’s Table next week

A bargain at about R100 a bottle—yes 5 Euros!!