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Klein Roosboom has come along in leaps and bounds since last visited what with the opening of their new Jean Deli which is proving very popular. These days instead of almost missing it most cars seem to be turning in there. We took a friend there the other day but not to Jéan but to the great –and unique –tasting rooms which are converted cement wine vats which have been made into the dinkiest little places to taste wine. If that doesn’t suit you there are tables down the centre of the room where you can sit a whole lot more comfortably, or outside if the weather is perfect. Platters of meat and cheese take the heat off the hunger that is a natural reaction to wine. The tasting is well done at a nice slow pace allowing you to unwind and chat. The wines range from their superb bubbly—when they have it—to various others named very poetically after members of the De Villiers family who own the place under the gentle but firm hand of matriarch Karin, a winemaker of note herself. Karin is one of the most glamorous –and charming grandmothers on the planet –yes, I am a fan. Read the dedications on the bottles to see what makes this family really special.

Tasty platters.

The wines not to miss are their bubbly called Marné, the Nicol Merlot, deliciously red, and the Johan Cabernet, robust and appealing.  Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc leave white wine lovers grasping for superlatives.

Greg and sabrage!!

If they have a bubbly and you feel up to it try sabrage–the ancient way of removing the cork with a sabre–great fun.

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